OTS, July 19th, 2023 (english translation)

Originals by important Austrian artists in an affordable subscription


Gaisbergwasser from Salzburg makes you sit up and take notice with a unique art idea in bottles


The team from the Salzburg´s Gaisbergwasser company came up with the chance of a unique and, above all, affordable art collection, which consists exclusively of individual one-offs.


"If you consider that originals by the artists who participate here start at just over 2,000 Euros in the best case and sometimes achieve well over 50,000 Euros, you can actually speak of the most beautiful and safest investment in a long time," says Dr. Christian Hetz, owner and managing director of Gaisbergwasser GmbH.


But first things first: the special thing about the strictly limited "Edition Austria" is that magnum bottles become unique artworks, each of which is individually processed, signed and numbered by the artist. So every month you get a unique bottle sculpture by a different artist as a one-off and every single bottle differs in detail from the other. The bottle sculptures are produced in such a way that the respective artwork is printed directly onto a magnum bottle at a special printing company. The bottles are then individually painted over, signed and numbered in the art studio, with the artists being given complete freedom in design. Landed back at Gaisbergwasser, the bottle is then filled with original "Gaisberg of Salzburg" premium water and then sent to the subscribers in a gift box. Of course, each artwork comes with a certificate of authenticity.

"However, the basic idea was not to create an art investment for our subscribers, but primarily to offer a global platform to artists to show what great talents we have here in Austria, who are increasingly successful internationally" says Hetz.


It was important to find a homogeneous mixture of established artists and emerging talents with a great future who are still at the beginning of their careers. Gaisbergwasser pays great attention to a homogeneous mix of female and male artists.


You can already look forward to a few "goodies" for the first artworks of the "Edition Austria", including Robert Freund, the only teacher for glass painting in Austria who was awarded the prize for representational painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, Birgit Graschopf, whose artworks are also represented in the Albertina collection and Arthena Maxx, who has already exhibited several times at Art Miami and the Venice Biennale. Csaba Fürjesi is also internationally successful and is represented in the Hungarian National Gallery, the Oxford University Collection and last but not least in the collection of the State of Salzburg.


Another current highlight is that the well-known street art artist Tabby will be designing an edition. Nobody knows his true identity, similar to the street artist Banksy, but this has not diminished his international fame and his works can be admired worldwide today, from Japan to the USA and last but not least in Austria.

Albert Dschulnigg kicks off the "Edition Austria" with his crazy, colorful painting of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, which of course goes well with the theme of "Gaisberg" water in Salzburg - maybe also a bit because of the craziness.


"The fact that we have already won the international taste award by America´s Fine Water Society with Gaisbergwasser twice has actually created the conditions for combining excellent water with excellent art," says Dr. Christian Hetz sure of the success of his idea. "In times of rising prices and unbelievably high prices for art, this is a wonderful opportunity to found an art collection consisting of nothing but unique pieces, which not only gives pleasure, but is also very likely to increase in value".