Fortune favours fools.


When our mountain spring was discovered by chance in 2019, we had no idea that this water would have what it takes to become a multiple international gold medal winner at the most important Fine Water Society blind tastings, e.g 2022 gold for "sparkling" and "still" in Los Angeles, USA.



Sustainably produced in extremely limited quantities. Each bottle is checked individually and if passed ok, freshness seal and the number of each individual bottle is added by hand.  




Wat The G* - Gaisberg Grandeur Gold rises from a natural spring on the east side of the Gaisberg, Salzburg's local mountain, at 860 m above sea level. The Gaisberg is considered a mountain of power recognized by ancestors and was valued in mythical times as a source of spirit and spirituality.


Our logo symbolizes the crown of the Gaisberg´s water elf and at the same time stands for excellence.


The Gaisberg´s summit is located at an altitude of 1,287m in the Salzburg city area. There are many stories surrounding it, for example it is said to have served as a cult place in Celtic times, and the "Hexenloch" on the Gaisberg supposedly served as the inspiration for the original set design of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's "Magic Flute". Undisputedly, the view from the Gaisberg plateau down to the city of Salzburg is breathtaking.


The focus is on Salzburg with its imposing fortress and its medieval streets, called Juvavum in Roman times. Birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and location for world-famous productions and festivals like the Salzburg Festival (Salzburger Festspiele) or Sound of Music.


Some say that witches meet at the Gaisberg on Walpurgis Night and fly circles around the summit... we haven't met any yet while bottling but


we believe in the spirit of the Gaisberg´s water elf...


a pretty nice place to work


The elevated location of the spring above the Mozart city of Salzburg offers wonderful views towards the Salzkammergut. This makes the filling work much more fun.......and after a strenuous day at work there is time for recreation in the hot tub.